Smart. Secure. Cloud-Based.

A Better Way to Manage Energy

An energy management system to help you monitor and control your energy use to save money.


Apolloware is all about beneficial electrification. We use fiber optic communications to provide gigabit access at the speed of light. With Apolloware, users are able to track their footprint throughout electricity usage. This includes a breakdown of energy profiles by sub-circuit. We assist people in becoming aware and informed about how you’re using electricity. Together we connect on the grid. Lighting the grid to empower our members.

Monitor energy consumption and generation
Real-time energy generation and consumption of major appliances by date and time of day to ensure optimal performance.
Cloud driven
Apolloware Control Module monitors various appliances, solar panel power, and inverters, using the local internet connection.
Optimize solar performance
Optimize solar performance, visualize solar production vs energy consumption costs in real-time for optimal performance.
Alerts & Notifications
Set alerts and notifications when consumption or generation values with real-time alerts as email, texts or app notifications.