Apolloware puts the power of the grid in your hands, so you can save money, energy, and the planet.

Who are we?

Apolloware is all about helping you understand and optimize
electricity at home and in your business.  Having insight into your energy
use can help you to make small changes that have a big
impact on your bill and the planet.

What does Apolloware do?

Give you the power to monitor your energy use in real time with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Find ways to save you money with simple changes to curb wasteful energy use.

Provide analysis of your energy use over time to maximize cost savings.

Give data and insights on all your major devices and systems in one convenient place.

Automatically upload and store your energy use to our secure, encrypted cloud platform.

Help you visualize your solar production vs. energy consumption costs in real-time

How Does It Work?

An electrician installs Apolloware directly into your existing electrical system.
Download the Apolloware app to your smartphone and link to your device.
Start automating your energy use to see how small changes can save energy, money and the environment.

Ready to maximize your energy's potential?

Send us a message using the contact form, or strike up
a conversation at info@apolloware.com.