Privacy Policy

Effective April 21, 2021

How Bandera Electric Cooperative (Apolloware) Collects Your Information

Apolloware collects and processes information provided directly by you when you install the App and register for an account to use the App. Specifically, this information includes:

  • Your name, email address, location, user’s phone or contact book data, user’s inventory of installed apps, and user’s screen recording;
  • Browser information and session cookies related to your access and use of the App;
  • Data insights Apolloware attains based on correlation and analytics of your information collected in providing the App, which may be used in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats or to obtain trend analytics, to provide the App; and
  • Use of the above-described collected information in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats to enhance our current App or to provide App features.

How Apolloware Uses the Information

Apolloware uses the information collected as described in this Privacy Policy, including personal information, to:

  • Provide you with the App as described in the Agreement;
  • Implement, improve and/or enhance the App, including to make future releases available to you;
  • Carry out Apolloware obligations as described or authorized in the Agreement and this Privacy Policy;
  • Enforce Apolloware rights arising from the Agreement between you and Apolloware; and
  • Fulfill any other purpose authorized by you and reasonably required for the App.